Pre contract information

Important information about your agreement

The credit provided under this agreement can only be used to acquire goods from the retailer.

Monthly payments will need to be made to the Lender, the details of which are set out in the Pre-Contract Credit Information document and the Agreement.

You should assess the monthly payments you are required to make and ensure you are able to meet these obligations.

If you are aware of any future events that will affect your ability to meet these payments, you should ensure the Lender is informed immediately.

Your credit rating could be adversely affected if you do not make payments when due which could make it harder or more expensive for you to access finance facilities in the future.

You can withdraw from this agreement within 14 days, commencing on the day after receiving your copy of the executed agreement. You should read the Pre-Contractual Credit Information to ensure you are aware of your full rights regarding your Right of Withdrawal and Early Repayment.

If you have any health issues that could affect your ability to fully understand the documentation you are presented with or your commitments under the agreement, you should carefully consider the amount of time you require to review the documentation and whether it is advisable for you to have someone you know, help you make your decision. Please advise us accordingly if this is the case.

Hire purchase agreements – looking after the goods


You will only become the owner of the goods when you have paid all amounts due under this agreement, including any option to purchase fee and any other conditions have been satisfied.

If you fail to make all the payments under this agreement when due, the goods could be repossessed. This can be done without a court order unless a third of the total amount payable has been paid.

Until you become the owner of the goods you must;

-not sell or give them away,
-keep them comprehensively insured against all risks and for the full replacement value,
-keep them in good condition and repair, and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and any applicable warranty.

If you fail to do this you may have to compensate the Lender for any loss they suffer.

You should read the Pre-Contract Credit Information regarding any final payment under the agreement in order to fully understand your obligations regarding payment of this sum. You will be liable to pay any final payment to gain ownership of the vehicle.

Where a mileage allowance is stipulated and you choose to return the goods, you will be liable for excess mileage charges, details of which will be included in the Pre-Contract Credit Information.

Document updated May 2020.