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Get your 125 motorbike finance first

Any vehicle | Any dealership | No deposit | All credit scores considered

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No obligation, no impact on your credit score

Rates from 7.9% APR. Representative APR 26.9%

Representative Example: Borrowing £5,700 over 60 months with a representative APR of 26.9%, the amount payable would be £164.18 a month, with a total cost of credit of £4,150.80 and a total amount payable of £9,850.80.

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Why should I use finance to buy my new motorbike?

Finance makes buying a new motorbike quick and easy. Why? Because with finance you’ll:

1. Be fully funded – with finance sorted, it’s time for the fun bit, finding the right bike.

2. Get on the road quicker – wave goodbye to months of saving up by getting finance in place first.

3. Have payments that suit you – we’ll find the best deal for you and your monthly budget.

For a rough idea on what your payments might be, use our motorbike finance calculator.

What lender’s do you work with?

As a broker with we work with a large panel of the most trusted UK motorbike finance and loan lenders. This provides our customer’s with the highest chance of getting approved. We look to find the best rate from our panel of lenders and will offer you the best deal that you’re eligible for. We don’t charge a fee for our service, its completely free. We offer rates from 6.9% APR all the way through to 49.9% APR for people who are looking to rebuild their credit profile.

Is applying for a quote for motorbike finance with The Vehicle Financer quick?

It’s fairly quick. We’ll need the usual details you’d have to give when you’re applying for any kind of finance, like your name, date of birth and your address for the last three years. We’ll also need to know about your job and how much you get paid. If you get all these details together before you contact us, it’ll make the job much quicker too. If you have a bike in mind, let us have those details too.

Will getting a quote for motorbike finance affect my credit score?

No, applying for a quote doesn’t affect your credit. Our lenders do what’s called a ‘soft search’, which means they can look at your credit history without affecting it. They only complete a hard credit check once you have signed your paperwork and the funds are being sent to the dealership. And, if you’re credit score isn’t that great, being accepted for finance can help improve it too.

Scooter, moped or 125cc motorbike finance?

It would be our pleasure. No, it really would. Bikes are our thing, so we’d be more than happy to spend an afternoon searching for your new ride. We’ve been doing this for a while, so we know which questions to ask to find out what you really want, or need, from your new bike, and the best kind of finance to go with it. Give us a call, we’ll help you get the right finance and the right bike.

Let’s get started

Answer the questions, it’s the usual stuff – name, time at current address that kind of thing – and we’ll do the rest.

Get a quote

No obligation, no impact on your credit score

Why The Vehicle Financer

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We’re finance experts

We work with a wide range of lenders, who we know and trust. This helps us get the very best vehicle finance deal for you.

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We’re vehicle experts

We’ve been in the vehicle finance business for over 20 years – we know our stuff. Find your own motorbike, or tap our knowledge, it’s up to you.

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We’re customer service experts

We want you to be happy and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. If you need some help, just ask.

Our experts know the answer

Do you finance 125cc motorbikes and scooters?2020-06-22T15:16:46+01:00

Yes, we do. If you’ve just decided to get yourself a motorbike or a little scooter to run around on, great choice, well done! We love motorbikes here, so we’d be really happy to help you find finance to get you on the road quickly and simply. But, that’s not all, if you’ve not yet found the right bike, we can help you with that too. We have loads of experience with motorbikes at The Vehicle Financer, you could say it’s our specialist area. So, if you want us to help you find the right bike, get in touch, let us know what you’re after and we’ll get right on it.

Will I need a deposit to get motorbike finance?2021-10-04T21:12:13+01:00

No, you can apply for motorbike finance with nothing to put down as a deposit. This means that if you’ve just seen a motorbike or scooter that’s ideal, you don’t have to worry about months of saving and possibly missing out. Give us a call and we can get your finance application started straight away. If you do have a deposit, that’s great too. Let us know how much and we’ll keep it in mind when we search our panel of lenders for you. And, don’t forget, if you already have a bike, you can use that as part-exchange too.

I have bad credit, can I still apply for motorbike or scooter finance?2020-06-22T15:21:47+01:00

Yes, absolutely. Often bad credit is the result of a blip with your finances, and we all have those now and again. But the effects on your credit history can last a long time and can often mean you get declined for credit. We want to try and help when this happens and will do our best to find the finance you need to get your new scooter or motorbike on the road. Because of this, we’ve made sure to include lenders on our panel who offer finance to those with a less-than-perfect credit history. We’re here to help, so don’t let having a poor credit score put you off applying with us.

I need finance for a new motorbike, what information do you need?2021-10-04T21:11:31+01:00

Applying for motorbike or scooter finance is like applying for any other finance, we have to know some personal things about you. Not too personal though, so no need to worry. We’ll do some ID checks, including who you are and where you live, and we’ll also need to know your income and have an idea of what your credit history is like. To do this, we’ll be asking:

– where you’ve lived for the last three years
– how much you earn each month
– who you work for
– your credit score

As it’s the law, we’ll also need to see proof that you have your compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate too. This information will be used to find a lender offering the best motorbike finance for you and that’s all. It’s your personal information, we understand how important it is, we’ll keep it safe.

What kind of motorbike finance do you offer?2021-10-04T21:10:05+01:00

If you decide to finance your new motorbike or scooter through us, we’ll be looking to offer you one of three types, these are:

– Hire Purchase (HP) – this is the most common finance. The lender owns the bike and you hire it from them until you’ve made all the monthly payments and your option to purchase fee, then it’s yours.

– Conditional Sale (CS) – this is pretty similar to HP, except there is no option to purchase fee.

– Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – not so different from HP in that the lender owns the bike until you’ve paid the agreed monthly payments, but you still don’t own it. Then you can hand it back, use any value in the bike as a deposit to get another one, or pay what’s called a balloon payment, you’ll know how much this is when you take the finance, and then the bike is yours.

– Personal loans – the bike is yours as soon as the money reaches the dealer, you then pay the agreed monthly amounts to the finance company until it’s paid off in full. Job done.

As with signing any contract, you need to be sure you understand what you are agreeing to. So, if you have a question, no matter how insignificant you think it might be, ask us. We’re happy to help.

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