Your eligibility

Your eligibility

What documents do I need to apply for vehicle finance?2021-01-27T16:25:59+00:00

We’ll need to see:

– a copy of your driving licence – so we can be sure you can legally drive the vehicle you want to buy and it also proves you are who you say you are too.

– proof of address – more identification checks.

– proof of earnings – we usually need to see some proof that you earn what you say you do, which is important for lenders to make sure you will be able to afford the monthly payments.

All lenders will need to see your driving licence and most will need to see the proof of address and proof of earnings too. Some may ask to see other documents, if they do, we’ll let you know. Any documents you send to us as proof of your address or earnings need to be dated within the last three months.

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