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Get your caravan finance first

Get your caravan finance first

Any vehicle | Any dealership | No deposit | All credit scores considered

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No obligation, no impact on your credit score

Rates from 6.9% APR. Representative APR 18.4%

Representative Example: Borrowing £7,500 over 48 months with a representative APR of 18.4%, the amount payable would be £216.45 a month, with a total cost of credit of £2889.60 and a total amount payable of £10389.60.

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Looking for caravan finance? We’ll help.


I’m not sure about caravan finance. Do I really need it?

Probably, unless you’re a secret millionaire. If you’re not, then caravan finance is a really good idea. It’ll let you:

1. Stop worrying about money – we sort the finance, you do the best bit, choosing your new caravan.

2. Have more choice – you might be able to borrow more than you think, meaning a bigger choice for you.

3. Get it now – saving the cash can take months, we’ll give you a decision on caravan finance in minutes.

Our caravan finance calculator gives you a rough idea of what your monthly payment might be.

We’ve not started to look for a caravan yet, can we still apply for finance?


Yes, in fact we’d recommend it. It really is a good idea to have your finance in place before you go looking for your new weekend getaway. Why? Well, there’s one very good reason – you’ll know your budget. No one wants to be heartbroken when they find the perfect van, then find out that you can’t get finance for it. That won’t happen if you know what your budget is before you start looking.

What information will you need to give me a quote for caravan finance?


The usual things you’d be asked for if you were applying for any kind of credit, which includes your name, date of birth, your job and how much you earn. We’ll also need your address for the last three years, so we can check your credit history. This a normal part of getting a quote and is a ‘soft search’ so doesn’t affect your credit history. If there’s a caravan you fancy getting, let us know about that too.

My credit score isn’t that great, can I still apply for caravan finance?


Yes, you can still apply for caravan finance even if your credit score isn’t great. We’ll be honest with you, you may not get the best rates. But, we have a wide range of lenders and we’ll certainly do our best to make sure that you get finance you’re happy with, that gets you the caravan you want too. And, as an added bonus, being accepted for finance can actually improve your credit score. Can’t be bad.

Let’s get started

Answer the questions, it’s the usual stuff – name, time at current address that kind of thing – and we’ll do the rest.

Get a quote

No obligation, no impact on your credit score

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We work with a wide range of lenders, who we know and trust. This helps us get the very best vehicle finance deal for you.

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We’ve been in the vehicle finance business for over 20 years – we know our stuff. Find your own caravan, or tap our knowledge, it’s up to you.

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How long can I take to pay back the money I borrow to buy my caravan?2020-06-22T17:12:15+01:00

You can take up to 10 years to pay back the money you borrow on finance for your new caravan. Let’s face it, with the current international travel restrictions in place, now could be the perfect time to get yourself a nice little place by the sea, in the heart of the Peak District or in the highlands of Scotland. Whatever takes your fancy, we know that making it happen will mean a significant amount of money to pay out. That’s why we make sure we have lenders on our panel who offer finance contracts that last 10 years, making it more affordable for you.

Can you offer me caravan finance if I have bad credit?2020-06-22T17:12:43+01:00

Yes, we can. We’re proud to say that we are often able to find the right caravan finance for you when others can’t. We know that sometimes things go wrong with money, it can happen to us all. This can sometimes damage your credit score, making it hard to get approved for finance. We understand this and have taken the time to find lenders who specialise in offering finance to those with a credit score a little on the low side. And there’s more, if you are offered finance and you keep to the monthly payments, your credit score improves. We think that’s pretty great.

I’m ready to apply for caravan finance, what will I need?2020-06-22T17:18:17+01:00

Applying for caravan finance can be quick and simple, if you have the right bits of paperwork ready. We’ll need to know a bit about you, just the usual stuff, like your name, age and address for the last three years. We use this information to carry out some ID checks and to check your credit score too. We also need to know who you work for and what you earn each month. This is so the lenders on our panel can carry out their checks to make sure they are lending responsibly. And that’s it for the first stage. The lenders might want to see other documents, like your driving licence, further down the line, but we’ll let you know when that time comes.

What kinds of caravan finance do you offer?2021-10-05T21:34:27+01:00

The lenders we work with offer three different types of caravan finance. If you apply, you’ll be offered one of the following:

– Hire Purchase (HP) – this is the one you’ll probably know already. You don’t own the caravan until you’ve made all the monthly payments. Until that time, you are simply hiring it from the finance company. At the end of the contract, the caravan is yours.

– Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – a bit like HP, only at the end of the contract you haven’t paid for the caravan in full. If you want to own it, you can pay what’s called a balloon payment, you’ll be told how much this will be when you sign the contract. You can also decide to hand the caravan back, or choose to use any value in the caravan as a deposit for another one.

– Personal loans – these are pretty straight forward, you own the caravan as soon as the dealer is paid. Then you simply make monthly loan repayments until the full amount is paid off.

We would advise that you make sure you fully understand the type of finance you are considering using. And if you have any questions, please do ask us, we’re here to help.

Can you help me find finance for my static caravan?2020-06-22T17:19:59+01:00

No, sadly we can’t help you with finance for static caravans. This is because some of the rules around static caravans are a little different. You could, for instance, be living in the caravan full time, or for as long as you are able each year, which means it is a place of residence, rather than somewhere you visit a few times a year. This might affect things like the type of insurance you need and so on. The finance our lenders offer isn’t designed for this, it’s for people who want the caravan as a holiday home only.

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