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Guaranteed car finance?

Guaranteed car finance?

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Do you offer guaranteed car finance?

Simple answer – no. In fact, no one can offer guaranteed finance because, unless the company are willing to offer you finance regardless of your circumstances, it is illegal to say they will. This forms part of the 2010 Consumer Credit (advertisements) Regulation and is in place to protect you.

However, despite this being the case, many credit brokers still try to make you think that they can guarantee you’ll be offered finance. We’re sure you’ve seen the ‘Guaranteed Finance for bad credit’ or ‘Car Finance, no credit check’ adverts – that’s probably why you are here, reading this right now. But it’s just a marketing tool to make you believe they’ll be able to offer you the money you’re looking for.

I’ve been offered guaranteed finance, should I take it?

Our honest advice – no. In our experience, and we have lots of it at The Vehicle Financer, companies who offer guaranteed finance will not be telling the whole truth. Remember we mentioned that it’s not possible for anyone to offer guaranteed finance and, if they do, it’s illegal? Well, that should give you an idea of what those companies are really like.

They are promising you something they have no right to promise. And in return, they’ll:

  • probably sell your details on to others, like high interest loan people
  • carry out multiple searches on your credit history, damaging your score further
  • tell you can only buy for certain dealers or certain makes and models
  • ask you to pay a large fee upfront

That sounds like a really poor deal to us and we’d really like to see if we can help, before you get to the stage of looking for guaranteed deals. Call us to find out if we can help.

Why can I not get guaranteed finance?

There’s one very simple reason why offering guaranteed finance is not possible – it may not be in your best interest. What we mean by this is, it’s the responsibly of the finance company to make sure that you are able to pay back the money you’ve borrowed – it’s part of the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules for finance companies lending money.

So, the finance company will look at your circumstances, your incomings and outgoings and whether you’ve been able to pay your debts back when you’ve borrowed money before. They do this by checking your credit history – this is why we ask for your address for the last three years.

Your credit history shows the money you currently owe, to whom and whether you pay the monthly payments on time. This affordability check benefits you as well as the finance provider, by making sure that you get the right decision for your finances and your well being.

The finance provider then looks at their list of requirements for lending to see if you meet them (we don’t know what all these are, nobody does, only the company themselves). They may have all kinds of reasons why they will or won’t lend to someone. Some of the reasons might not even be to do with your ability to pay the monthly payments.

As you can see, it’s really not that straightforward and anyone claiming to offer guaranteed finance is not being completely truthful.

Let’s get started

Answer the questions, it’s the usual stuff – name, time at current address that kind of thing – and we’ll do the rest.

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No obligation, no impact on your credit score

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Can I apply for car finance if I have bad credit?2020-06-23T16:43:05+01:00

Yes, you can apply for car finance even if you have bad credit. At The Vehicle Financer, we’re people just like you, so we know the ups and downs of life and understand that sometimes your credit score can be affected. We don’t think you should miss out when this happens, so we work with some lenders who specialise offering finance to people with low credit scores. And, the great news is, if you’re offered finance, and you keep to the monthly payments, your credit score will improve.

Do I need a deposit to apply for car finance?2020-06-23T16:43:02+01:00

No, you don’t need a deposit, which means you can apply without having to wait to save up. If you do have a deposit, great! Let us know and we’ll take this into account when we approach lenders. Part exchange is something we can do as well, so if you have a car you want to use as part exchange, talk to us about it.

Can I buy a car from anywhere?2020-06-23T16:42:54+01:00

Yes, you can. If you spot a vehicle you think you might like, give us a call and we’ll talk you through what happens next. If you really don’t have time to look, or you just don’t fancy searching though hundreds of cars, we’ll do it, because we love it. Just let us know what you’re after and we’ll get right on it.

Can you offer me guaranteed car finance?2020-06-23T16:42:47+01:00

No, no one can, and that’s the truth. This is because lenders need to carry out a number of checks before they decide whether to offer car finance to you. By law, they need to check you are who you say you are, you earn what you say you do and you can afford to pay the monthly payments. They can’t do this without asking for information from you, and once they have that information, it may be that they have to say no. So, if anyone says they can offer you guaranteed car finance before asking you anything, they are not only being dishonest, they are actually breaking the law.

What information do I need to apply for car finance?2020-06-23T16:41:13+01:00

There are a few things we need to know if you want to apply for car finance. If you get the following ready before you start your application, it’ll be much easier. We’ll need:

– your address for the last three years
– an idea of your credit score
– details of what you do for a living and how much your earn

This might seem a like a lot of personal information, but it’s the minimum we’ll need from you to start your application. Don’t worry though, only us and the lenders we think best suit your circumstances see this, no one else. And we would never sell or pass your details on to other companies.

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