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Bad credit car finance?

Bad credit car finance?

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Can I still get finance with bad credit?


Yes, of course. If you did search for ‘guaranteed finance’, it’s likely that you already know that you have a poor credit score. Maybe that’s why you think you may not be eligible for finance through the normal routes. But, that’s not strictly true. At the Vehicle Financer, we have a large and varied panel of lenders, who we’ve chosen specifically so we can help to find finance for people with all kinds of credit histories – good or bad. But, we never guarantee it. And, if we do find finance for you, it is not likely to be at the lowest rates available.

Find out how much your monthly payments could be with our car finance calculator is for.

I’ve been refused for car finance, can you help?


The honest answer is, it depends. Before we can answer that question, we’d have to find out a little about why you’ve been refused credit in the past. There are a number of reasons that will make it very hard, or impossible, for you to get finance, like:

  • being made bankrupt
  • having County Court Judgements against you
  • already being in an Individual Voluntary Agreement (an IVA)
  • being in a debt solution

However, if you’ve been refused because your credit score is low, we might be able to help. There are finance companies who are happy to lend to people with a less-than-perfect score and we’ve teamed up with a few of them to make sure we can try to help as many people as possible get finance that’s right for them.

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Can I apply for car finance if I have bad credit?2020-06-23T16:43:05+01:00

Yes, you can apply for car finance even if you have bad credit. At The Vehicle Financer, we’re people just like you, so we know the ups and downs of life and understand that sometimes your credit score can be affected. We don’t think you should miss out when this happens, so we work with some lenders who specialise offering finance to people with low credit scores. And, the great news is, if you’re offered finance, and you keep to the monthly payments, your credit score will improve.

Do I need a deposit to apply for car finance?2020-06-23T16:43:02+01:00

No, you don’t need a deposit, which means you can apply without having to wait to save up. If you do have a deposit, great! Let us know and we’ll take this into account when we approach lenders. Part exchange is something we can do as well, so if you have a car you want to use as part exchange, talk to us about it.

Can I buy a car from anywhere?2020-06-23T16:42:54+01:00

Yes, you can. If you spot a vehicle you think you might like, give us a call and we’ll talk you through what happens next. If you really don’t have time to look, or you just don’t fancy searching though hundreds of cars, we’ll do it, because we love it. Just let us know what you’re after and we’ll get right on it.

Can you offer me guaranteed car finance?2020-06-23T16:42:47+01:00

No, no one can, and that’s the truth. This is because lenders need to carry out a number of checks before they decide whether to offer car finance to you. By law, they need to check you are who you say you are, you earn what you say you do and you can afford to pay the monthly payments. They can’t do this without asking for information from you, and once they have that information, it may be that they have to say no. So, if anyone says they can offer you guaranteed car finance before asking you anything, they are not only being dishonest, they are actually breaking the law.

What information do I need to apply for car finance?2020-06-23T16:41:13+01:00

There are a few things we need to know if you want to apply for car finance. If you get the following ready before you start your application, it’ll be much easier. We’ll need:

– your address for the last three years
– an idea of your credit score
– details of what you do for a living and how much your earn

This might seem a like a lot of personal information, but it’s the minimum we’ll need from you to start your application. Don’t worry though, only us and the lenders we think best suit your circumstances see this, no one else. And we would never sell or pass your details on to other companies.

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